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Your Getting Started Guide, To Fall Gardening, Like Your Life Depended On It

August 22, 2016


Fast Start Guide To Fall Gardening Part I-WO

I used to wait for spring with bated breath. I would watch for a good day for tilling, go out and buy a bunch of transplants and seeds, and then have a wild and crazy weekend tearing up the earth and putting everything in the ground. Thinking ahead? Naw… I had Spring fever! I wouldn’t […]

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Look what I found in my yard

June 13, 2015


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Top Chicken Diseases and Natural Treatments

May 12, 2015

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top chicken diseases and natural treatments

More and more people are returning to natural treatments in treating chicken diseases.  Keeping the backyard poultry flock healthy naturally is possible, although preventing illness is the ultimate goal. Keeping your chickens from getting sick in the first place is best,  but how can we treat the top chicken diseases naturally if illness occurs despite […]

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Raising Chickens Vs. Ducks – A Guide

April 22, 2015


ducklings and chicks

Adding chickens and ducks to your homestead is one way to increase your self reliance.  Both chickens and ducks produce delicious fresh eggs. Both ducks and chickens can be raised as a source of meat, also.   A third scenario is raising your chickens and ducks for egg production first and then using the livestock for […]

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How To Hatch Chicks Naturally

April 14, 2015


how to hatch chicks naturally

Would you know how to hatch chicks naturally if the SHTF? There’s no doubt about it, hatching chicks naturally is so much easier than hatching chicks in an incubator. There’s no worrying about regulating a thermostat, monitoring humidity, turning eggs, or the power going out in the middle of a hatching, or brooder boxes and […]

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How To Hatch More Chicks

March 24, 2015


How To Hatch More Chicks

Hatching Chicks Is Lots of Fun! Many backyard poultry enthusiasts will tell you that owning an incubator and hatching your own chicks is not only a great way to save money, but it is also a fun and exciting endeavor. When you have fertilized eggs to hatch, you’re able to increase your flock without ever […]

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