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How To Make Activated Charcoal

January 12, 2017


How to make activated charcoal

How to Make Activated Charcoal Activated charcoal has so many applications. It often used by emergency personnel to treat acute poisoning, and is great for absorbing toxins. I’ve used to to treat everything from the stomach flu to a brown recluse spider bite. I’ve even read that it can stop an anaphylactic reaction from stings […]

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7 Essential Items in Your Emergency Survival Kit

October 11, 2016



You do not know when an emergency or disaster may strike you. It is important to stay prepared and alarmed since safety is a must precaution for almost everyone. However, staying prepared for the emergency ensures that you have the right kind of items in the emergency survival kit. Whether you are moving out of […]

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Why Switching To a Double-edge Safety Razor Makes Sense

July 25, 2014



When we prepare for an uncertain¬†future, we often consider the big things. Things like preparing a bug-out bag, getting enough water, foraging for food, buying enough ammo or increasing our tactical skills. Yet there are smaller items that make life better. Having soap, for instance. Or toilet paper. Or, in the case of today’s article, […]

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Will Others Die Because You Aren’t Prepared?

July 17, 2014


photo 1

With all the hype swirling around in the prepping arena, self sustainability, and all that which can be implied, we often times lose sight of the little things that we can and should practice on a daily basis. Every Day Carry or EDC items are keys that can assist in a crisis or simply make […]

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How To Clean and Dress a Wound

July 9, 2014


Know how to clean and dress a wound

You and your buddy are out in the forest foraging for wild greens and stumble across a interesting weed that you know sucks venom from insect bites. The weed is located near a hill side where you inform your buddy that you see some edible wild plants. Problem is that is just rained and the […]

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Will You Die From Heat Stroke If The Grid Falls

July 2, 2014


Get cool and drink water

SHTF and the grid falls. There are no emergency services and everyone is on their own. Chaos is breaking out all over as society starts to crumble. A very real and possible scenario for a system that is already beginning to show signs of failing. It could happen at any time of the year. If […]

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