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1 Extremely Poisonous Plant You Should Grow (Along With 5 Others You Might Not Think About!)

July 10, 2014



Over the three years I’ve been actively planting and creating my food forest, I’ve mainly focused on three things: food, food and food. Of course, that’s not really the best way to plan out a food forest. If you’re doing it properly, your focus at the onset should really be on nitrogen-fixers and chop-n-drop plants […]

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How To Clean and Dress a Wound

July 9, 2014


Know how to clean and dress a wound

You and your buddy are out in the forest foraging for wild greens and stumble across a interesting weed that you know sucks venom from insect bites. The weed is located near a hill side where you inform your buddy that you see some edible wild plants. Problem is that is just rained and the […]

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Will You Die From Heat Stroke If The Grid Falls

July 2, 2014


Get cool and drink water

SHTF and the grid falls. There are no emergency services and everyone is on their own. Chaos is breaking out all over as society starts to crumble. A very real and possible scenario for a system that is already beginning to show signs of failing. It could happen at any time of the year. If […]

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Grow Your Own Soapmaking Materials

June 27, 2014



My wife has been making our soap for over a year. Once you start using homemade, chemical-free, natural soap… it’s hard to go back to the factory-produced stuff. The only thing I really miss is Sodium laureth sulfate. Just kidding. I’ve spent a decent amount of time considering the options in case of a collapse. […]

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SHTF Firefighting

June 26, 2014


Blazing fire

You come home from foraging wild strawberries and discover that your kitchen is on fire! What do you do? Well, attempt to put it out I hope. However, do you know that not all fires are alike? Are you aware that putting water on grease fires will actually make it worse? Currently, you are probably […]

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Treating Burns – When There Is No Doctor

June 24, 2014


Burning fire

    You were out for a walk in the woods and while returning to your campsite you discover that your duck hunting partner has burned himself on the campfire. You find him laying on the ground crying in pain. It is just you and him out there and the nearest doctor (or phone) is […]

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