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Free Training: Prepping For Pregnancy

April 27, 2015



Quick update for the week… I am holding a special online workshop with a licensed midwife on Prepping for Pregnancy this week. The class is going to be held LIVE on Wednesday the 29th for about 90 minutes (not including the Q and A).  If you’d like to attend you can click here to register. […]

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Stop Bleeding Fast With This Weed

March 11, 2015


Stop Bleeding Fast With This Weed- Shepherd's Purse

I was out in the yard one beautiful May afternoon when I made an exciting discovery. It was a tall, scraggly plant towering a good foot and a half above the other weeds scattering our overgrown yard. I crouched down to get a closer look and immediately noticed the heart shaped pods growing along the […]

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How To Treat a Traumatic Gunshot Wound

October 27, 2014



If you would like to learn one of the most critical procedures for treating traumatic injuries like: Gunshot Wounds Knife Stabbings Deep Cuts Or any injury where the bleeding MUST be stopped In this video watch as ER Surgeon, Dr. David Pruett, teaches survival minded folks, one of the procedures you must  know if you […]

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What an ER Surgeon Keeps In His Med-Kit

August 20, 2014


Testing Surgical Gloves

If you’re relatively new to medical preparedness, here’s a fun but informative little video I shot with ER surgeon & fellow prepper, Dr. David Pruett on Mistakes to AVOID when choosing the gear that could save your life. Its all about what an ER surgeon would actually want in his medical kit so that YOU […]

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Why Switching To a Double-edge Safety Razor Makes Sense

July 25, 2014



When we prepare for an uncertain future, we often consider the big things. Things like preparing a bug-out bag, getting enough water, foraging for food, buying enough ammo or increasing our tactical skills. Yet there are smaller items that make life better. Having soap, for instance. Or toilet paper. Or, in the case of today’s article, […]

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Will Others Die Because You Aren’t Prepared?

July 17, 2014


photo 1

With all the hype swirling around in the prepping arena, self sustainability, and all that which can be implied, we often times lose sight of the little things that we can and should practice on a daily basis. Every Day Carry or EDC items are keys that can assist in a crisis or simply make […]

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