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How To Fight Colds and Flu At Home

February 16, 2017

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How To Fight Colds and Flu at Home

As I type this I have three kiddos sick with a winter cold, and one just getting over it. I blame it on our recent trip to the local children’s museum. It never fails. No matter how much you sanitize their little hands, inevitably they’re going to get sick. When that little girl playing with […]

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How To Make Activated Charcoal

January 12, 2017


How to make activated charcoal

How to Make Activated Charcoal Activated charcoal has so many applications. It often used by emergency personnel to treat acute poisoning, and is great for absorbing toxins. I’ve used to to treat everything from the stomach flu to a brown recluse spider bite. I’ve even read that it can stop an anaphylactic reaction from stings […]

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Herbal Medicines You’ll Need When Doctors Disappear

December 8, 2016


Herbal Medicines You'll Need When Doctors Disappear

For most of us, it’s easy to take medical care for granted. Access is only a drive or helicopter ride away. For now at least. Those of us in the preparedness community know that we can’t always rely on modern infrastructure to fully function forever. At some point there are going to be disruptions, whether […]

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7 Essential Items in Your Emergency Survival Kit

October 11, 2016



You do not know when an emergency or disaster may strike you. It is important to stay prepared and alarmed since safety is a must precaution for almost everyone. However, staying prepared for the emergency ensures that you have the right kind of items in the emergency survival kit. Whether you are moving out of […]

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A Fast and Easy Way To Kill Foot Fungus Naturally

August 4, 2016


A Fast and Easy Way To Kill Foot Fungus Naturally!

Athlete’s foot is an extremely common fungal infection. I think most of us have experienced the dry, scaly, itchy, burning irritation of athlete’s foot between our toes or along the side of the foot at some point in our lives. In grade school it seemed like I had it all the time. Toenail fungus (onychomycosis) […]

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4 Powerful Plants You Can Grow To Fight Infections Naturally

August 1, 2016


4 Powerful Plants You Can Grow To Fight Infections

Long ago, before there were hospitals, doctors, and pharmaceuticals… there were plants. From the beginning of time people have used plants to heal their bodies and treat disease. The roots, stalks, leaves, seeds, bark, nuts, and sap of various trees, flowers, shrubs, and herbs have been utilized to treat everything from headaches to cancer. It […]

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