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You (Almost Always) Don’t Need Pesticides

September 11, 2014



What is our obsession with killing insects? I was once in the garden section at Home Depot, talking with an employee who knew I was (at that point) a Master Gardener. As we were chatting, a man walked up and started looking through the pesticides near us. He looked a bit confused, so  the Home […]

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UN Martial Law On US Soil?

September 9, 2014



This is one of those topics; some might call it a “conspiracy theory”, which comes up with surprising frequency throughout the Prepper community.  Personally this is a “threat” that I really have zero concern with. I’m sure that many reading this will have an immediate desire to stop reading, or to write me a nastygram, […]

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Why You Should Be Buying Plants Locally

September 8, 2014


Every year large home improvement stores and other big box retailers provide a wide assortment of annual and perennial fruit and vegetable plants in their garden centers. I was a big customer before I got more serious about my gardening. As I found out through both personal experience and the stories of friends, it’s not […]

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Must-Watch Gardening Videos For Preppers

August 24, 2014



Thanks to the internet we have a vast treasure trove of information at our fingertips. If you’re interested in gardening and survival, the following videos are eye-opening and helpful enough to warrant gathering together in one gigantic post. Not all of these are directly related to survival gardening; some are more about thinking through how […]

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Fruit Trees: One of The Best Investments You Can Make

August 19, 2014



Investing hasn’t been easy lately. Heck, it hasn’t been easy EVER, but it’s been worse over the last 15 years or so. Remember the tech boom… and crash? Then the housing boom… and crash? Now we’ve got a high stock market again… but it’s filled with algorithms and flash crashes, hot money, inflated P/E ratios, derivatives, […]

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14 Tough Gardening Questions Answered!

August 14, 2014



Have you asked any of these tough gardening questions? Q: Why won’t my bell peppers grow well? A: Bell peppers? Seriously? I basically gave up on those stupid things a long time ago. So has John Kohler, so I’m in good company. Here’s the deal with bell peppers: they’re really touchy, whereas hot peppers and smaller sweet peppers grow […]

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