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Building a Community Reliant Life

August 10, 2015


SP - Squash on vine

It has been said, that no man is an island…and neither is a family. Many people believe that being self-reliant means meeting all your family’s needs from what you produce on your property. Our family believes that being self -reliant means meeting the needs of our family in the most sustainable ways possible. We have […]

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The Prepper’s Economic Paradox

July 30, 2015



Those of us paying attention clearly see that the global economy is at best rapidly changing, and more realistically, is rapidly disintegrating. There is a significant probability that we are headed for some degree or some form of economic collapse, if not various other crises as well. This presents a unique dilemma for those of […]

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Strategic Relocation Guide: How To Position Yourself To Survive A Major TEOTWAWKI Event

October 27, 2014



Todd Savage October 21st, 2014 Strategic Relocation The following guide has been contributed by Todd Savage as the second part of the ‘Strategic Relocation Bugging Out: Dreams vs. Reality’ series. Click to read Part I: The Gut Wrenching Reality: One of the Best Bug-Out Strategy Guides You’ll Ever Read If you’ve ever wanted to know how […]

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Easy Gardening Solutions for Lazy Gardeners

October 24, 2014



Sometimes I wonder: does a person’s garden follow his personality? Is the love of weeds, praise of borderline chaos and embracing of wild animals simply an outgrowth of a disordered mind? On the flip side: are perfect beds, straight lines and precisely timed plantings the result of latent OCD? (I once created a quiz on gardening personality types […]

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Another Mental Exercise, or Is It?

October 23, 2014

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When the Ebola news first started to dominate the alternative news media, and the mainstream media, I kept my eye on it, but mostly kept the idea of a pandemic out of my mind. Mainly, because we’ve had previous false scares before, whether it was the bird flu, SARS, etc, and nothing much came of […]

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It’s Time for Preppers to Come Out of The Bunker!

October 13, 2014


German bunker in Normandy from the Second World War

  Why I Decided To Come Out & So Should You! In my not so humble opinion it is time for Preppers to “COTB” or Come Out of The Bunker.  I’m sure everyone reading this will agree that the impression of Preppers among the general public is less than favorable.  We’re considered outliers, the lunatic […]

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