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Aftermath S02E05 “Interrogation”

December 16, 2015


A quick note to my readers: Happy holidays to you and yours whatever your celebrate. Let’s all pray for peace and safety this season and wisdom for our leaders who must guide us through these tumultuous times. I hope that you have a blessed holiday filled with love, family, friends and cheer.  You may have […]

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Aftermath Season 202E04 “Outsiders”

December 16, 2015


“Outsiders” By: M.A. Thompson Jason could feel their looks of surprise on the back of his neck as he moved to intercept the two visitors. They hobbled through the gate with no less than four guns trained on them the entire time. Jason signaled two guards to separate and search them on the spot, and […]

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April Showers Approach

October 28, 2015


Aftermath – Season 2 Episode 1 By M.A. Thompson “Clear!” The shout came from inside the dilapidated store. It was amazing how overgrown things had gotten, how quickly it had gone to shit, Jason thought to himself. It had only been a year and half since the Dark Dawn operation started, and ultimately failed. It […]

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Aftermath – Pack Hunters

July 30, 2015



Aftermath Episode 31 “Pack Hunters” You can see the full series of this fictional story here. “Jason wake up! Jason. Jason!” it was Patty. The world was still spinning around him when he realized this. Patty, his wife. Calling his name. That’s good, she’s okay. She sounds afraid. His thoughts came slowly, like dripping molasses, through […]

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Aftermath – Forward Through the Tempest

July 22, 2015



Aftermath Episode 30 “Forward Through the Tempest” You can see the full series of this fictional story here. “Do you know where they put Cathy?” Jason said to his wife. “No, but I know where the mess hall is at, it’s where the commander said she was, and the best place to start.” “Right,” Jason said, […]

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Aftermath – All Is Lost

July 9, 2015



Aftermath Episode 29 All Is Lost You can see the full series of this fictional story here. Jason slowly lowered his gun to his side. He glared at the commander. What is he waiting for? He thought. Why doesn’t he just shoot me? “Sit,” the commander ordered, and Jason took a seat where his wife […]

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