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EMP Proof Generator: Two Kinds You Can Build Yourself

August 10, 2016


EMP Proof Generator Featured Small Image

  If you’re like me and seriously concerned about the threat of an Electro Magnetic Pulse attack taking out your ability to generate enough electricity to: Charge Radios Keep Weapon Optics Running (with rechargeable AA’s) Power Perimeter Security Equipment Run Small Refrigerators Keep the lights on at night Or run ANY key piece of electronic […]

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Aftermath S02E05 “Interrogation”

December 16, 2015


A quick note to my readers: Happy holidays to you and yours whatever your celebrate. Let’s all pray for peace and safety this season and wisdom for our leaders who must guide us through these tumultuous times. I hope that you have a blessed holiday filled with love, family, friends and cheer.  You may have […]

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Aftermath Season 202E04 “Outsiders”

December 16, 2015


“Outsiders” By: M.A. Thompson Jason could feel their looks of surprise on the back of his neck as he moved to intercept the two visitors. They hobbled through the gate with no less than four guns trained on them the entire time. Jason signaled two guards to separate and search them on the spot, and […]

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April Showers Approach

October 28, 2015


Aftermath – Season 2 Episode 1 By M.A. Thompson “Clear!” The shout came from inside the dilapidated store. It was amazing how overgrown things had gotten, how quickly it had gone to shit, Jason thought to himself. It had only been a year and half since the Dark Dawn operation started, and ultimately failed. It […]

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Is there REALLY a Silver Shortage?

September 18, 2015



With Silver and Gold making some movements today I thought this video was worth watching if you’re interested in protecting your finances from the coming collapse…  

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Building a Community Reliant Life

August 10, 2015


SP - Squash on vine

It has been said, that no man is an island…and neither is a family. Many people believe that being self-reliant means meeting all your family’s needs from what you produce on your property. Our family believes that being self -reliant means meeting the needs of our family in the most sustainable ways possible. We have […]

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