Can’t Afford a House? She Built One for Less Than $3500.00

Though I would recommend any serious prepper get completely out of the city, I have to hand it to this gal. She had a problem… and built the solution.

Most of us would have no idea how to start building our own place. Add in the cost of permits, inspections and materials and you might as well just buy something that’s already around.

However, by building on a moveable trailer bed, Jenine Alexander bypassed a lot of regulations and saved tons of money. If you’re still trying to live the modern suburban dream, forget about it. Housing prices are still ridiculously high compared to the long-term averages… and property taxes are basically just rent you’re paying to the government.

By jumping outside the “standard” thinking, Alexander is preparing in a way most of us would never consider. Imagine: no debt, no property to maintain, and no taxes. Plus, she’s learned how to build a pretty decent place for herself. Decent enough that people want to talk to her about it. If things ever got too bad in her neighborhood, she’s just one tow hitch away from freedom and a whole new location. Mobility is a serious asset.

Now imagine you did something like this in the country, or have a bug out retreat. Say you built a tiny house while farming a chunk of inexpensive rural land. Then you’d have your shelter and food needs met.

By not sinking yourself into mortgage-driven dept slavery, you’d be far ahead of the crowd.

Of course, Thoreau would still have you beat by 160+ years…

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