Building The Ultimate Bug Out Vehicle

May 6, 2013

Bugging Out

Bug Out Vehicle

Custom Built Generic Motors Look-a-Like Crushes Zombies and Kills The Competition, Not Your Wallet

Maybe the Mayans were right… not that the “End of the World” would happen in 2012, but that TEOTWAWKI would.  Perhaps their timing was slightly off; As far as many of us are concerned, our normal way of living ended January 20, 2009 when our new socialist dictator would be sworn into office.  Lord knows that gun sales surged, and America woke up.  To many, it was the start of The End Of The World As We Know It.

"1776 Will Commence Again If You Try To Take The Guns!" - Alex Jones

“1776 Will Commence Again If You Try To Take Our Firearms!” – Alex Jones

The great awakening sparked many new businesses.  Glenn Beck left his cozy job and formed Glenn Beck TV (GBTV) which later turned into The Blaze and has become very influential in talking about important issues like Gun Control and the move to impeach the asshole-in-chief.  Others, like Alex Jones have also seen a massive surge in listeners and ratings thanks largely to his rant, waking up millions on the poorly rated Piers Morgan show.  The video went viral in epic proportions, and EVERYONE in the media reported; the sleeping giant woke up that day.

The down-turn in the economy also caused Merrick Maxfield to gain notoriety with his company,, where he builds custom built Zombie Apocalypse vehicles.  The irony is that Government Motors Company sued over the its resemblance, yet while this entrepreneur took a risk and continued to grow his business, GM was taking tax money to get bailed out and move the company to China.  I think the winner is obvious.

Custom Trainer Vehicles

Custom Trainer Vehicles

Now Maxfield offers options to both military and civilians, while not discriminating to the latter.  Want an armor plated vehicle with a 50 cal mount on top?  No problem.  How about a training vehicle for your facility so you can practice vehicle born operations?  4x4bodies does it all.

With kits starting at $10,000 you can affordably have that dream car.  How’s it work?  Simple, you buy the kit and attach it the vehicle of your choice.  You can convert your Jeep, or go get a rolled Ford F250 from a junk yard and turn it into a dream machine.  You can pick your frame, engine, and even how you power it.  Want it to run off of a wood gasifier, or be fully equipped with night vision gear?  The options are limitless.

Rugged, Durable, Affordable

Rugged, Durable, Affordable

This killer-vehicle can safely transport your family in any bug out scenario, even if you’re the size of the Brady Bunch.  With options to build them however you’d like, you’re simply a phone call away from the rig of your dreams.

We’re interviewing Merrick Maxfield tonight (May 6, 2013) on my radio show.  Tune in here to learn more, or ask him questions personally.


Watch them convert a truck to a zombie killer here:


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