3 Solar Food Dehydrators To Think About Building [Video]

May 23, 2013

Food Preservation

We recently published an article on Dehydrating Food Without Electricity, that was incredibly popular.

That article was particularly interesting to me, because about one year ago, I planted a one acre Food Forest, that once mature will provide me with TONS of fruit to help me in becoming self sufficient.

So now that I’m growing a lot of fruit, I want to make it one of my goals this year to learn how to preserve as much of it as possible through our non growing season.

And because I like to plan for a worse case scenario, I want to know how to store that food without electricity… so electric food dehydrators are out.

Although I’ve been told they are far superior for drying out seeds that you want to save for your garden, as they are better at removing the moisture.  But as the guy states in this video, he could have bought as much dried fruit with the money he spend on the electricity to dry the fruit… so if you’re planning long term you better have some power.

Plus the electric units just don’t have the scale that I’m after.  If I’m wanting to make dehydrated food a large chunk of my chickens feed, as well as my families, or neighborhood for that matter, it’s gotta be bigger.

So with that said, here are 3 solar dehydrators you might consider building yourself to dry more of your own food to meet your off season food needs.

Oh, and one more thing… I’m new to dehydrating food too, but one of the things I always wondered about it was how long dehydrated fruits will last.

In this video, you’ll see dried plums that they eat, that sat outside in their dehydrator for 6 months.

That seems good enough for me.


3 Responses to “3 Solar Food Dehydrators To Think About Building [Video]”

  1. Dirk Williams Says:

    My set is talking about making these. I’ve suggested your model for re creation or similar production.

    Good job



  2. Kenneth Says:

    These are all very nice designs and I envy those that have the money to do such as they are costly. Personally I was needing one that was smaller and more transportable for a bug out scenario in a trailer, of course still to big to lug out on your back. The design I came up with is much simpler and smaller and a total cost of $22 and works just fine. It takes longer than those shown in the video because it is a different design but I have done fruit, vegetables, walnuts and fish in it so far AND it fits in my trailer to bug out if needed. I am not sure how to post photos here otherwise I would offer those here as well. I would be happy to email them to anyone interested. Once again I am not knocking those in the video and if I had the means and space to make such I would.


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