Bug Out Bag Checklist

April 18, 2013

Bug Out Bags

Looking for a bug out bag checklist to make sure your bug out bag isn’t lacking anything critical?  Instead of another long written post about bug out bags, we thought we’d put one out there in pictorial form.

Hope this gives you a few ideas on items you haven’t checked off your bug out bag checklist quite yet.  We know one bug out bag isn’t right for every occasion, but this is how we are packing our bags for a TEOTWAWKI scenario.

And please, let us know if you think we missed anything, or if you’ve discovered a better solution then we have for some of the challenges to bugging out.  New products are always hitting the market, and we’d like this page to be a resource for people that stays current.

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59 comments on “Bug Out Bag Checklist

  1. Mark T. Tsunokai on said:

    Great job!

  2. Serena on said:

    Is there any way to have a printed copy of your pamphlet?

    • Chet on said:

      I’ll look into it Serena, maybe there’s a company that makes posters that could print this for us.

      If anyone else reading this would be interested, feel free to leave a comment… the more interest the higher up on my priority ladder this would go.

      • BILL on said:

        like to have a printed copy or in a “word doc” so I could print a copy without all the ink

      • I have a few sources for the pamphlet or similar brochure, its an excellent start for anyone, please email me if I can be of assistance.

    • Larry "AVOW on said:

      Serena There is a free downloadable manual on a web site called ldsavow.com it is very comprehensive list/manual for preppers and not just for a BOB but also for long term survival…they have put years into the manual….it is free…

  3. John on said:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing this in pamphlet form. Nicely done!

  4. Sara on said:

    Would also love to see a printed copy of this!

  5. Dean on said:

    Great job! A printed copy would be GREAT! Thanks for your efforts in providing this info.

  6. Dean on said:


  7. Derek on said:

    Would love a printed copy

  8. Jeri Gallus on said:

    Great Job! I would love this in a poster.

  9. Jeff on said:

    Printer copy or a word doc or PDF would be nice

  10. Steve on said:

    Would really like a printable version of Building your bug out bag.

  11. What the hell is a “rain tablet”?

  12. Jessie on said:

    This infographic for prepping your bugout bag was clearly made by a man, ha. Feminine products = bottles of… stuff? Not tampons or pads. Just ya know, ladies, remember to pack your feminine bottles of nameless goo, okay? Very important. Unless Chet truly thinks feminine products means bottles of haircare items to tame my tresses in time of peril… Hurricane force winds can really mess up my do!

    • Chet on said:

      Lol. Probably could have had beefed up the graphic area of that spot a bit. Our bad.

      • Jessie on said:

        Ha, yes, ladies prep too! I would actually recommend something like the Lunette cup for a lady prep, it is a reusable silicone cup that can be sterilized by boiling and lasts as long as you take proper care of it (years, potentially). Makes sense for a longer term bug out trip–an excellent prepper item for 50% of the population.

    • Rich Kopp on said:

      Trust me in hurricane winds you won’t give one flip for that hair care stuff. Good list except that I didn’t see a first aid kit anywhere.

  13. BOBA on said:

    This is a great visual representation of what all goes into a bug out bag!

    And it looks like we have a lot of the same items on our bug out bag list too, but we also have some that you might find a great addition as well.

    I see quite a few people have been asking for a printable version… Feel free to check out ours at: http://www.bugoutbagacademy.com/free-bug-out-bag-list.

    Keep up the great work!

  14. A bible? really? that’s dead weight.

    • 7541west on said:

      Just your opinion but not to be taken as anything more than a blind man’s claim that sunglasses are dead weight.

    • Freaky1 on said:

      A Bible is very important. If you have God on your side, then who can be against you?

    • Steve H on said:

      J, I agree with you. Nothing but dead weight or you could us it for TP. For Freaky1, if you have your god on your side there’s no need for you to bug-out. Just ask it for its’ protection, should be all you need. As for me I’ll ad a few more mags of ammo, can kill a lot more people with it than a book.

    • Larry on said:

      A bible? yes, I put GOD before man. Maybe you should too…

  15. ima guy on said:

    Great list and graphic! Well done.

  16. ima guy on said:

    Forgot to add…..no Quikclot?

    • We didn’t get into the details of the first aid kit (that’s in another graphic). Celox or quickclot are certainly a good idea to have.

      • I would recommend one build your own first aid kit specfic to your own family needs. Quickclot is good but 10 tiny band aids might be a waste if you bought a “first aid kit”. items you may want such as “ace wraps”, good pair of tweezers, nail clipers, steri- strops, even so far as sterile stapler and staples will not come in your standard run the mill FA kit.

  17. David Villarreal on said:

    Instead of the Ruger, how about the Henry Survivor Rifle? Completely water proof and floats. Fits completely in the stock. No tools needed, 30 second assembly time.

    • 7541west on said:

      Another option would be the Springfield M6 Scout 22LR/410 Shotgun Survival Rifle foldable/takedown lightweight plus many accessories available and not too expensive.

  18. Nice graphic. Saw it at SHFTplan and traced it back over here. It’s equally educational and attractive.

    Where can you find the Mechanix gloves? I’ve heard about those several times but have never seen them in a store.

  19. One of the best I’ve seen thus far. The visual helps alot!! I’d like to suggest a backup form of self defense as well such as a stun gun and pepper spray just so you’re not wasting your bullets if you don’t have to. Stun guns have gotten more sophisticated and some do not even look like stun guns. You can buy a cell phone or flashlight stun gun and no one would even know you’re carrying a weapon!

  20. As many times when i see lists like this i think… bug out car not bug out bag. No way youre getting this all in a backpack

    • We actually do get all this stuff into a ruck sack Jeff. Just picked up one from a Military surplus store for a little over $100. And it was a $800 ruck sack at full retail value.

  21. Great list, beats the hell out of any of the off the shelf BOBs that are on the market. Build your own BOB to increase your odds of survival.

  22. My Bug Out Bag also contains a copy of the book “survival” department of US Army FM 21-76, but almost any survival manual will be better than nothing. Along with basic survival techniques and tips, it should also cover such subjects as edible plants and animals, poisonous plants and animals, snakes and reptiles to avoid etc, along with clear color pictures.

  23. Another inexpensive easily packed fire starter is a magnifying glass. Dont waste matches if the sun is shining. Less than 10 seconds with a magnifying glass and you got fire.

  24. Thanks for this, some good items. but some can be done without. As a survivalist i truly believe ‘the more you know, the less you need'(as said by Cody Lundin)
    so i think the most important things to have when bugging out are:-
    And with this you will know what YOU need in YOUR bug out bag

  25. Freaky1 on said:

    Do you have a list of where one can purchase these items? Or maybe a list of websites?




  27. All good but every time I read or look over one of these I always see people going on about getting a Molle bag or some big army surplus bag. While yes, it is great and one of the best it also makes a target in a more urban bug-out setting to those that didn’t stock up or have a plan. If you see someone with a sports bag and another with a molle bag, who do you think has supplies and gear? Another thought is from a cop or military view (should you be in a city setting during a SHTF event), who do you think may be carrying a gun or weapons and may need to be checked?

  28. Was just about to post what Joe said. A military bag will make you stand out to law enforcement (or anti-law enforcement, haha) as someone who should be checked carefully. Much like body armor, a lot of prep gear is most useful if nobody knows you have it. In 99% of real life emergency situations you will be moving through towns and dealing with authorities, not crawling around in the woods playing Red Dawn. I have a gray and red Kelty external frame pack with all the necessities in it, and my girlfriend uses a blue CamelBak day pack with a much lighter load. To the casual observer, we could be a couple of hikers on the Appalachian Trail.

    • Steve H on said:

      Jon, news flash, doesn’t matter what color your BOB is you’ll be checked. As for me I’ll be that Red Dawn guy with my multi-cam gear crawling through the woods, not being checked. Then when I want to go into town I’ll change into my civilian clothes, hide my gear and do what I need to do.

  29. Josh Simpson on said:

    The best bug out book that I have found is called, “Realistic Bug Out Bag” by Max Cooper. It blows away all of the other books on the topic.

  30. Cayla on said:

    How about you guys write the stuff down that’s how you can save on ink

  31. Great list, but how heavy will it be? We need to use multi use items-a small bottle of peroxide could replace toothpaste, which is toxic anyway. Peroxide can be used to brush teeth, mix with water and use as mouthwash, for cuts, even sterilize plates/silverware. Small bottles of essential oil such as tea tree oil is great for minor cuts, and a small bottle of citronella essential oil could replace a bulky bottle of insect repellent. A little goes a long way.

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