11 Beef Jerky Recipes You Can Still Make In A Solar Dehydrator When The SHTF

August 17, 2016

Food Preservation

beef jerky recipes , beef jerky recipe

Dehydrating meat is going to be one of the absolute best ways to preserve the hunt when society collapses. Equally as important as knowing how to make jerky is having the equipment to make it without electricity, such as using a solar dehydrator like this one.

If you like jerky and you plan on making it when the SHTF, it’s a good idea to start experimenting with different recipes now to figure out which you like best. This way you can stock up on the ingredients you’ll need to make the jerky you love most when the time comes.

Here’s a list of a few recipes I’m gonna play around with to see which ones my family likes best…

beef jerky recipes , beef jerky recipe

1. Very Teriyaki Beef Jerky Recipe

A combination of soy sauce, Worcestershire, blackstrap molasses, liquid smoke and spices make up this delicious jerky marinade.

beef jerky recipes , beef jerky recipe

2. Hot & Spicy Home Made Beef Jerky

If you like a little bit of a kick to your jerky, this flaming chili and chipotle marinade sounds like a great base recipe to experiment with. Add more or less spices to taste!

beef jerky recipes , beef jerky recipe

3. Spicy Teriyaki Beef Jerky

Want a combination of Teriyaki and a little heat? We’ve got you covered.

beef jerky recipes , beef jerky recipe

4. Korean Beef Jerky

If you prefer a milder jerky without strong spices or heat (especially for the kiddos), this blend of Asian sesame oil, soy sauce, brown sugar, and a few seasonings looks simple and delicious.

beef jerky recipes , beef jerky recipe

5. Chili Lime and Lager Jerky

It’s no secret that beer makes an excellent addition to marinades. It might not have a terribly long shelf life, but if you know how to brew your own lager at home you’ll be rockin’ and rollin’ with this tasty jerky when the hard times come!

beef jerky recipes , beef jerky recipe

6. Spicy Bold Garlic Jerky

This jerky recipe also includes your favorite beer, with the addition of plenty of fresh garlic and hot sauce.

beef jerky recipes , beef jerky recipe

7. Montreal Beef Jerky

I like this recipe for its simplicity of ingredients. Everything necessary to make this blend is shelf stable and can be stored long term.

beef jerky recipes , beef jerky recipe

8. Sweet and Spicy Beef Jerky

The addition of brown sugar to peppered jerky marinades makes a really nice blend of sweet and spicy.


beef jerky recipes , beef jerky recipe

9. Budget Friendly Ground Beef Jerky

Round roast and flank steak out of your budget? Here’s a recipe showing you how to make jerky strips from good ol’ inexpensive ground beef.

beef jerky recipes , beef jerky recipe

10. Grain-Free Paleo Beef Jerky

This simple and healthy jerky marinade uses coconut aminos or fermented tamari instead of soy sauce, and includes a touch of raw honey and seasonings.

beef jerky recipes , beef jerky recipe

11. Spicy Honey and Brown Sugar Jerky

This jerky marinade blends lots of sweetness with a bit of spice to make a delicious combination of flavors.

As you build your preps, you might consider adding a few of these herbs and peppers to your garden to dry and use in your jerky spice blends.  Plus, don’t forget … while Jerkies are one of the tastiest things you can dehydrate, you can dehydrate lots of different kinds of foods for long term storage too.

Do you have a favorite beef jerky recipe to share? Comment below!

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2 Responses to “11 Beef Jerky Recipes You Can Still Make In A Solar Dehydrator When The SHTF”

  1. Maggie J Says:

    Chet, very nice selection of recipes for beef. But when the SHTF, will beef still be the primary meat?

    “Dehydrating meat is going to be one of the absolute best ways to preserve the hunt when society collapses”

    Preserving the hunt would indicate wild game. Will these recipes work on wild game? And in consideration of the various parasites in wild game, would this be a safe method to use.

    Thank you.


    • Chet Says:

      That’s an important thing to consider. For me, I purposefully moved my family to a city that has a higher cow population then people population… at least in the surrounding 10 miles, so BEEF is absolutely going to be there for me.

      But I hear your point, so I think I’ll make sure to whip up some more WILD game Jerky recipes for you guys!

      If we happen to have a gourmet wild Jerky chef reading this comment, HIT ME UP! I’d like to hire you to write for us :-) Seriously.


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