The Best Freeze Dried Food “Taste Testing Tournament”

August 25, 2016

Freeze Dried Foods

best freeze dried meals, wise freeze dried food

The quest for the BEST tasting, Freeze-Dried survival food has begun!

If you’re like me, and you are thinking of getting Freeze Dried survival food for your family, because it has a shelf life of 25+ years, giving you much more food security than canning chicken or homemade chilis & stews would give you…

But you don’t feel like dropping several grand on food if its going to taste horrible, then…

Welcome to the Best Freeze Dried Food “Taste Testing Tournament”!

Yes, I said Tournament, because…

Each week I will be bringing two rival Freeze Dried food companies food together for a faceoff; where we will cook up both companies foods, and then rate them with my handpicked panel of ‘Picky-Eater’ Judges.

Meet your Judging Panel:

best freeze dried meals, wise freeze dried food(From left to right these are Brielle (6), Jimmy (8) & Charlie (4))

These are my three BEST kids 😉

I actually have four, but the fourth didn’t qualify as she is still known to stick her hand down into her dirty diaper and then proceed to suck her thumb…

So she was Disqualified from this Taste-Testing panel 😉

You’re welcome.

Plus, we also thought it might be a good idea to have two adults on the Panel just to keep things from getting too out of hand.  So my wife, Sally, and I will also weigh in on each of the foods.

Here’s how the Face-Offs will Go Down

Step #1: Each Judge will taste test one bite of each food.

Step #2: They’ll declare which one was better (they have to pick one)

Step #3: Then they rate each food INDIVIDUALLY (so if both foods are bad, but one was less bad YOU are appropriately warned)

Step #4: We tally up the votes between all 5 Judges and declare the winner of that round.


Obviously there’s a lot of different types of foods out there.

You can’t go comparing Freeze Dried Oatmeal, to Freeze Dried Beef.


Every Freeze Dried FACE-OFF is set up in it’s own category of food

These were picked by YOU, my readers, and submitted as requests for the TYPES of Freeze Dried food you were most interested in eating.

With the most popular request being to try and find the best Freeze dried Beef Stroganoff.

So we went out and found all the Freeze dried Beef Stroganoff we could, where they’ll face off in a winner takes all tournament, until there’s no more Freeze Dried Beef manufacturers out there to taste test, and we have our winner!

So introducing the first two contestants:

Auguson Farms Vs.
Wise Food’s Freeze Dried Beef Stroganoff

Watch the video to see who wins round one!

Now originally I was thinking I might just keep testing Freeze-Dried Beef Stroganoff companies until I’d found the best… that would certainly be the FASTEST way to get you the answer of which is the best freeze dried food.  However… it’s pretty rough on my wife and I to eat the same type of meal over and over, so we’re going to mix it up and bring you a different category of food for Round Two Of This Taste Testing Tournament.

I simply had to mix this up or it was going to kill me 😉

So next up we’re going to see if ANYONE can knock off the Fan Favorite…

Next Up: “Mountain House’s, Chili Mac”.

best freeze dried meals, wise freeze dried foodEveryone says THIS the best freeze dried food they’ve ever tasted.

But then everyone thought Cam Newton was going to win last year’s Super Bowl too 😉

So for our next round we’re going to see if we can knock off that Fan Favorite and find that little known underdog that tastes better (and is hopefully CHEAPER than Mountain House)

So Stay Tuned For That Matchup!

But in the meantime…

What Type of Freeze Dried Food Do You Want Me To Taste Test Next?

If you’re really curious about which types of freeze dried food taste better, then leave me a comment below to tell me which one you want me to test next.

Then… I’ll do my best to taste test the categories you want most in my next Face-Off. And don’t forget, survival food is about more then just taste, it’s about keeping your body healthy.  So I always like to remind you that the best survival foods, (the ones with the most nutrition) are the foods you grow yourself!

That’s all for today…

Until next time, stay safe out there!

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27 Responses to “The Best Freeze Dried Food “Taste Testing Tournament””

  1. Dave Says:

    Interesting outcome. I’ve never tried Wise foods before, but I had always been told that Wise was the most bland of all freeze dried foods. I wonder if Wise has changed their product, or has the internet lied to me once again.I would like to see more of the Wise products in the competition.


    • Chet Says:

      You got it Dave, we got Wise coming up in our next episode against Mountain House’s Chili Mac… so stay tuned for those results. Thanks for watching :-)


  2. Denise Says:

    I’m with the internet. My experience with Wise is not favorable. Would like to see you taste test potato soup and use My Patriot Supply and perhaps Valley Food Storage. We try to purchase non GMO foods.


  3. Chuck Says:

    Chet, I’d be curious as to how the kids rate the various dried milk products. I’m thinking Morning Moo and Emergency Essentials brand or Wise Foods.


    • Chet Says:

      I hear you on the milk… and lots of people have asked for that too, so its definitely in the cue.


      • PL C Says:

        In the queue(line), not cue(reminder or billiard stick). Thank you for taking this challenge on; I’d like your take on milk as well. Have you/do you add herbs/spices, other protein, etc, to make it more palatable?


  4. billWallace Says:

    I would like to see Legacy products tested… I bought the mega-sampler, and so far I am happy with it. A big plus for me is that they claim to be non-GMO and provide a goodly amount of calories (fighting off zombies is hard work, dontcha know)


  5. Ray White Says:

    You should try the Mountain House Chicken a la King. It’s my long time favorite but I don’t know who else makes one for comparison.


  6. Scott Says:

    Love the taste testing idea! Might be nice to taste the same item from all the different companies. Also perhaps a more in depth description of appearance, texture, if it actually has meat chunks etc…
    Thanks for doing this. I was about to order a few months supply…perhaps I should wait. Thanks again.


    • Chet Says:

      Ok Scott, I could see how you would like a better look at what the stuff looks like I will definitely add that to these videos, because you’re right, some just have meat flavor and not meat. Great suggestion, thanks.


  7. Fred Says:

    I would like to see a taste test between the various freeze dried beef products, I’ve been wanting to invest in this protein but don’t know which one tastes the best. Thanks, Fred.


  8. etta mondo Says:

    I like your idea of trying the foods, but How about salt content? Can that be a “add to” instead I have to watch salt> thank you


  9. beth Says:

    ok, the augason farms has real meat in it, the wise has meat flavor.. big difference when you are prepping. maybe you should have someone better than just kids judging,maybe more adults.. and point out differences like the meat..but good to see a review. thumbs up!


    • Chet Says:

      Well that’s why my wife and I eat it too, we wanted a taste test for a wide range of age groups. However I totally hear you on explaining the difference of the dishes. At first I was just thinking about taste, but moving forward I will start to explain a little more about the dishes too; because I agree, that’s important stuff to know. But keep sharing your feedback, so I can keep evolving this into as useful a resource as possible.


  10. Ron Noble Says:

    test food for patriots


  11. Paul Says:

    Many of the companies offer : beef, chicken, turkey and some pork meat chucks or ground meats, that you add to make your own dishes. I’d like to see what direct comparisons of these products end up as. Also, some have (soy) flavored as turkey, beef chicken … which I won’t order due to potential health affects (ie. early on-set puberty in children from the soy products, that your readers need to know more about.. I bought 1 year supply with the ‘meat-substitute’ from Costco Thrive but won’t anymore).


  12. MQ Says:

    Could you try a few gluten free entrees? Please?


  13. Phil Montano Says:

    I’m not sure if you can get Backpacker’s Pantry products where you are, but they might be a good test company. REI lists them on their website.


    • Chet Says:

      Well I’ve got an REI near me so I should be able to check those out. Got a favorite of those products that you’d like me to try to beat with another brand?


  14. Fred Sebastian Says:

    Would like to see Food4Patriots as well as the other TOP 5 Mfg. and…. have adults over 50 taste test with the young’uns, also portion size/cost compare.
    Let’s get a REAL TEST goin’ not some little kids pic-a-nic. I garontee you don’t want my kids opinion of any “just add water” meals.
    But like you said can’t compare Joe’s apples to Sam’s onions.


    • Chet Says:

      well that’s going to be pretty hard for me to taste test adults over 50. Hopefully two adults over 35 count.


    • Jenn Says:

      I like that kids are the focus of the taste test. It will be nice to know you have favourable food for younger children on hand if a crisis happens. As an adult, you can handle the situation better uf your kids are copping with the scenario.


  15. Jenn Says:

    I have tasted some of wise foods product and thought they tasted pretty goo. However, because in their meals, they use soy as the source of protein, i will not use it.Soy is the largest genetically modified crop and it will wreak havoc on your body.

    Thank you for doing the taste test. I look forward to the chicken test.


    • Chet Says:

      I’ll take that into consideration. I personally have some thrive chicken that I’ll take that into consideration in my next taste test.


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