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Reverend Prepper, as he has dubbed himself, is a prepping pastor who believes in being not only spiritually prepared but physically prepared as well. He practices what he preaches in his preparations for what ever may come in the distant or near future. He has been happily married for 7 years, has two dogs, and is a seminary student as well as an avid hunter. He has truly spent countless hours developing his preps, formulating strategies for self preservation, and genuinely enjoys the prepping process. So to all you preppers out there… Prep on!

Will Others Die Because You Aren’t Prepared?

July 17, 2014


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With all the hype swirling around in the prepping arena, self sustainability, and all that which can be implied, we often times lose sight of the little things that we can and should practice on a daily basis. Every Day Carry or EDC items are keys that can assist in a crisis or simply make […]

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Could Sweet Tea Save Your Life When SHTF?

June 2, 2014

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In the United States, we have come to expect certain social norms that are not necessarily enjoyed in other countries around the world. Indoor plumbing and electricity, for example, are expected norms in our society because they seem to have a hand in controlling almost everything we do. Electricity can power water heaters and refrigerators […]

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Bulk Purchasing & Long Term Storage Of Ammo On A Budget

May 18, 2014


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Who can truly call himself or herself a prepper without a mass amount of ammo right? With the plethora of opportunities on calibers, frame sizes, etc., we must be able to have adequate ammo for the ever-lurking threat of war, famine, or disease. Having lived in South Mississippi all of my life until four years […]

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Sam’s Club – The Prepper’s Store??

May 16, 2014


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Where else can anyone find a one-stop prepper shop but at Sam’s Club? Some may question my sanity but I have literally spent hours walking through my local Sam’s Club noting prices, quantity, and supply. I have found dozens of items that would easily qualify as necessities. One item in particular that I recently bulked […]

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