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Matt currently lives in western Wisconsin, and has been interested in survival and preparedness since 1985. A former paramedic and gunsmith, he is currently a Registered Nurse with experience in ER, critical care ground transport, and industrial settings. He has provided volunteer village medical care in rural Honduras, and is the lead instructor for Midwest Disaster Medical, teaching the “Austere Medic” grid-down medical course.

Grid Down Weekend: How To Find The Holes In Your Off Grid Preps

January 17, 2017


Grid Down Weekend

Preparation for disaster can be a difficult exercise. Frequently, we think we have it all worked out if we are going to be off grid. The right food stored, plenty of water and water treatment supplies, light, heat, and so on. But how many of us have really put it to the test? How many […]

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Hook Your Emergency Water Storage Tanks Into Your Plumbing With This 1 Clever Trick

December 28, 2016


emergency water storage

Water is life. As a prepper, as an outdoors person, and even as a human, this fact has been drilled into our heads over and over. It’s a cornerstone of the “Rule of Threes.” Three days without water, and the human body starts to suffer the consequences. Water has a big place in our preparations, […]

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