6 Man Militia Training Drill

August 13, 2013

Tactical Training

Seems like more and more often I roll across gun-porn more exciting than the latest Obama scandal.  Today had no short-cummings… er, uh… well, you know.

Watch closely as 6 guys run a drill that will make you turn multicam with envy.  The facility alone will get you excited, but the ability to move, shoot, communicate, and exfil the scenario is outstanding!  Watch this quick video and see if you can run a drill like this with your militia!

Keep in mind, this can be reenacted with simply 2 people.  Team A, and Team B, can be replaced with “John” and “Jimmy”.  You’ll need to be firing a lot more, concentrating on talking guns, reloads, and very clear communication… then add people as you recruit them.  Those skills were outlined in our Tactical Training Video, Own The Night.  Just imagine that training, on this range.  Good stuff!

Great job to the people involved in this video!

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