401K’s To be Confiscated?

December 26, 2014

Economic News

One of the sites that has really helped me start understanding the fraudulent actions behind how the financial system in our country works, www.dont-tread-on.me, recently shared this video with their audience that I thought was worth passing along to you.

If this isn’t an issue you’ve considered I hope you find this valuable.


3 Responses to “401K’s To be Confiscated?”

  1. Boyd White Says:

    There used to be a time decades passed when stock-jobbing was looked askance upon. Sad to see people liefly falling for these scams. I get a bad taste in my mouth and odor in my nose thinking about Death Taxes and Inheritance Taxes…but to be scammed out of one’s own retirement savings is a low low blow.


  2. Duder McGruder Says:

    I sure do miss Aftermath…just sayin.


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