3 Thoughts On Home Defense & Rail Mount Pepper Spray

I wanted to take a brief moment to share a few quick thoughts I had today…

For those of you that subscribe to our YouTube Channel, you’ve seen that I’ve been having a blast filming some TV and Internet Commercials for Infidel Body Armor.  Perhaps you’ve even seen them featured on TheBlaze (my small claim to almost-fame).   It’s been great to get to work with them and showcase some of their amazing products… some of which you should be strongly considering for home defense, even BEFORE the grid goes down.

DISCLAIMER: Now please let me be very clear – I do not get paid a dime if you decide to buy Infidel Body Armor or not.  I’m simply having a blast producing these videos and telling the world. It’s my way of getting quality reviews out there to people in the market for some prepper gear (as well as a good excuse to get outside to be creative and productive), and Infidel Body Armor has made that possible for me to do.

With that said, I think there are 3 thoughts that many preppers often overlook when it comes to home defense.

1) The use of less-than-lethal force
(especially if you’re a woman [or a girly man] who doesn’t have much trigger time)

2) Training in tactics to defend your home or retreat
(Something critical if you have 2 or more people)

3) Moral and Psychological ramifications of taking someone’s life
(You may have even heard some of the presenters at The Survival Summit talk in depth about this)

It would take thousands of pages to go in depth on any one of these topics, but today my main focus is to get you thinking.

Photo By: Daniel Kuykendall http://www.kplus9.com

Photo By: Daniel Kuykendall http://www.kplus9.com

I was recently introduced to the new Rail Mount Pepper Spray (Gel) from InfidelCombatSystems.com, and I have to say, I think they’re on to something.  The relatively compact and lightweight unit mounts to the underside of any picatinny rail system.  Your hand rests on it just as you would any other attachments, only this one is equipped with 3 ounces of Law Enforcement Grade Pepper Spray Gel to pack one hell of a punch to your intruder.

During the filming of this video, we actually shot the “drug dealer” with a two-second blast of this nonflammable Sabre Red Pepper Spray Gel to create a sense of realism – and as you can see in the video, it dropped him faster than a dress on prom night.  You can re-live that moment at 0:46 in the video above… the pepper spray, not prom night.

Photo By: Daniel Kuykendall http://www.kplus9.com

Photo By: Daniel Kuykendall http://www.kplus9.com

Personally, I like the option of having a non-lethal alternative at the end of that barrel.  Obviously this is something you’d need to train with so you’re capable of making that decision in a moments notice, to pepper spray or switch to lethal if the threat continues to present itself.  Seems to me like Infidel Body Armor is onto something with the promotion of this product.

All three points in this blog post really tie together.  Ask yourself this…  What if you actually had an intruder?  What if you weren’t trained?  What if you killed him, only to find out it was the neighborhood cop doing his routine rounds of the neighborhood who entered your house because you left your front door open on accident.

The scenarios are endless.  I challenge you to come up with a list of 10 scenarios for yourself and reflect honestly what you would do, and how it would change your life.  You can also do what I do, and just order a copy of Conflicted for $17 and get thinking.  If you’re not familiar with the game, it’s an amazing game to play with your prepper friends to really make you start questioning your every potential action.

Wouldn’t you like to have a less than lethal option?

Good luck everyone!

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