21 Medical Kit Must Haves

If you are looking for a list of items you should stock in your medical kit for treating a traumatic injury, then here’s our list of 21 Medical Kit Must Haves for treating a traumatic wound when the SHTF.

While some critics argue that a Medical Kit won’t help someone who doesn’t know how to use it, I would argue that it would be better to have a medical kit like this, and be out trying to recruit a doctor who has surgical skills, then to find someone with the skills, but have no supplies for them to use.

A medical kit is an asset.  And its an asset that will only go UP in value when the SHTF… whether you’re the one using it or someone else, make sure you have one.

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11 Responses to “21 Medical Kit Must Haves”

  1. Dirk Williams Says:

    Another very good well thought review. Good job guys.



  2. Carole Busick Says:

    Great advice,I’ve been looking for a good first aid/trauma basic kit. This article pointed me in the right direction. I purchased a kit from a site my neighbor told me about.


  3. Joshua Schmidt Says:

    Anyone have recommendations on solid pre-made kits I can buy?


  4. David Weeks Says:

    Nice post. I did want to share that silk sutures are NOT recommended for field expedient care do to the high likelihood of infection. Only monofilament material should be used. I have used sterilized (ish) fishing line without issue. Feel free to verify this with your own medical advisor.


  5. Chris Crossley Says:

    Good day all,
    I think that in an ideal situation there are no “cookie cutter medical kit solutions” that being said Tribalco has some really good custom kit options that you determine exactly what you want in the kit based upon your situation and level of medical expertise. If you contact them ask for Jeremy, and he can build you any kind, type, and size kit that meets YOUR needs and not those of what someone thinks you need.


  6. Kevin Says:

    What are your suggestions for stockpiling antibiotics and blood plasma?


    • Chet Says:

      Because we are not doctors I can not make any antibiotic recomendations. And there are doctors who have lost their license selling antibiotics. And honestly, I think what’s better then stocking up on anything, is learning how to generate it yourself from the land using herbal medicine. It can be powerful stuff when you know what you’re doing. And so far the government is stopping you from picking weeds and making stuff out of it.


  7. frank Says:

    don’t forget colloidal silver, get the 500 ppm and dilute as needed.
    250 ppm can be sprayed directly onto an open wound.
    food grade H2O2 can be used IV for almost all diseases.
    use Saran Wrap to seal a sucking chest wound.


  8. Mitch Says:

    Be VERY careful about using Quick-Clot or CELOX to stop severe bleeding, it is advised to avoid using any hemostatic clotting agent if possible.
    Watch this video and learn WHY NOT to use this unless death is eminent. The side effects can be fatal, right away, or even 10 years down the road.

    NOT RECOMMENDED, NOT Used by the Military, NOT used by many First Responders at all. Dangerous substance inside the bloodstream / human body.


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