April 29, 2016


21 Medkit Items You’ll DEARLY Miss When The SHTF And Doctors Dissapear


If you are looking for a list of items you should stock in your medical kit for treating a traumatic injury, then here’s our list of 21 Medical Kit Must Haves for treating a traumatic wound when the SHTF. While some critics argue that a Medical Kit won’t help someone who doesn’t know how to […]

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April 27, 2016

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Survival Fishing In A SHTF Scenario

Fishing rod near beautiful pond On the Sunset

I thought this was a pretty good idea… To take one skill you’re trying to work on, and do a ‘Survival Scenario’ trip where you work on just that one skill. So that’s what this guy from Sigma III Survival does in this video. My brother recently shot a DVD with this guy, so he […]

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December 16, 2015


Aftermath S02E05 “Interrogation”

A quick note to my readers: Happy holidays to you and yours whatever your celebrate. Let’s all pray for peace and safety this season and wisdom for our leaders who must guide us through these tumultuous times. I hope that you have a blessed holiday filled with love, family, friends and cheer. ¬†You may have […]

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December 16, 2015


Aftermath Season 202E04 “Outsiders”

“Outsiders” By: M.A. Thompson Jason could feel their looks of surprise on the back of his neck as he moved to intercept the two visitors. They hobbled through the gate with no less than four guns trained on them the entire time. Jason signaled two guards to separate and search them on the spot, and […]

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December 9, 2015


Camping: How to Practice Bugging Out with a Family

How To Practice Bugging Out With Your Family

So, you have your beans, bullets, and bandaids. But do you and your family have the skills you need should you ever have to face a bug out situation? What if you need to load your vehicle and head out? What would you take? Do you have things packed and ready to go at a […]

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December 6, 2015


How To Light Your Home Off Grid

How To Light Your Home Off Grid

With winter just around the corner, I’m beginning to prepare for the shorter days ahead when the darkness creeps in long before we’re ready for bed. Although we are currently running all of our overhead lights on solar, we still put non-electric backups in place. We only have about three days’ worth of energy stored […]

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