October 8, 2015


Which Plants For Off Grid Hair Care?

Washing Long Hair With Plants

I’ve always had long hair, from childhood to motherhood. At times my hair has been past my waist, though I keep it about mid-back length now. In an effort to break my dependence upon store-bought goods, I’ve tried many homemade shampoo recipes. I’ve even tried the no-poo thing. Most of the recipes I’ve used require […]

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September 21, 2015


5 Steps to Successful Root Cellaring

While root cellaring may conjure up images of pioneer days, it remains a wonderfully modern way to keep vegetables and fruit fresh and edible throughout the winter. Traditionally, root cellars were built into the ground, often into the side of a hill. But root cellaring can also be done in a basement, a storm shelter, […]

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September 18, 2015


Is there REALLY a Silver Shortage?


With Silver and Gold making some movements today I thought this video was worth watching if you’re interested in protecting your finances from the coming collapse…  

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September 4, 2015


How to Build The Ultimate Rain Catchment System


I recently published a report on how to build “The Ultimate Rain Catchment System”… a system that uses 7 mechanical levels of filtration to purify water off of any roof. Plus… Can be used to pipe hot water into your home, without using any electricity. And that report has been SO popular that I thought […]

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August 27, 2015


Managing Menstruation When The SHTF- Naturally

Managing Menstruation When The SHTF- Naturally!

Ladies. It’s that time of the month. Aunt Flo has come to pay you a visit, and she couldn’t have picked a more inconvenient time. The stuff has just hit the fan, big time. Grocery and convenience stores have been picked clean, the roads are blocked with abandoned cars, and a mandatory curfew has you […]

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August 12, 2015


Handling Wheat: From Field To Table

Handling Wheat: From Field To Table

Small Scale Harvesting So, you’ve grown a little patch of your first home grown wheat for human consumption or animal feed. You tilled the land, planted the seed, and now those amber fields are ready to harvest. Now what? When it comes to hand harvesting wheat, there are a few old fashioned methods you can […]

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